Monday, April 20, 2015

No Love for Love

My latest article on Broad Street Review discusses the design concepts for redoing Philadelphia's LOVE Park.

I recently posted to the wall of Greater Philadelphia Planners, Urbanists and Designers, an invitation-only Facebook group where 756 people like me geek out on topics such as bike lanes and gentrification. A post about digital billboards quickly racked up 20 comments. Yet when I asked for opinions on the new designs for Love Park, I got nothing. How could it be that the chattiest urban nerds around had nothing to say?

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anticipating the rebirth of Grays Ferry

Check out my latest article on Broad Street Review:

During my gap year from college, my friend Andrew Hohns asked me to come down to Grays Ferry with him. He twice ran (unsuccessfully) for elected office in the 182nd state house seat. The 182nd was recently redistricted, but back then it was a strange gerrymandered snake that included much of Center City, including City Hall, Rittenhouse Square, and Washington Square West, but also a tail that curved down from Schuylkill through Devil’s Pocket and into Grays Ferry. Read more