Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Economy Projects and News

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Things have been busy recently, between my consulting projects and my book release. Progress is moving along well with American Communities Trust and the Baltimore Food Hub, and I'm working on a number of other projects as a Senior Advisor with Econsult Solutions. While my projects are diverse, involving real estate and economic development, much of my practice continues to focus on the food economy. Here are some featured projects I would like to share with you.
All best, Greg
New Report - U.S. Kitchen Incubators: An Industry Snapshot

Greg was lead author on a recent Econsult Solutions report "U.S. Kitchen Incubators: An Industry Snapshot." Over 135 kitchen incubators exist in the U.S., and during the past five years a significant number of new kitchen incubators have opened around the country, prompting the need for this national survey. Kitchen incubators are shared-use commercial kitchens, often with supportive services for early-stage culinary businesses. The purpose of this research is to inform operators of existing and planned kitchen incubators to better understand national models and approaches to culinary micro-enterprise development.
Check out this article by Next City on the Econsult Solutions report.
Lots of Press for the Baltimore Food Hub

Greg serves as the project manager withAmerican Communities Trust for the Baltimore Food Hub -- a planned 3.5-acre campus of facilities, services, and programs focused on enhancing Baltimore’s local food economy. The project includes a kitchen incubator, canning commissary, urban farming, workforce development and educational spaces, farm stand, and community gardens. The project will bring new life to beautiful historic buildings, play a major role in revitalizing East Baltimore, and create jobs and opportunities for the neighborhood, while serving as an asset that will benefit the city and region.
Check some out recent media coverage of the project:

Cincinnati Kitchen Accelerator Feasibility Study

Greg was the lead on Econsult Solutions' “kitchen accelerator feasibility study” for the Corporation for Findlay Market in Cincinnati, supported by the Haile U.S. Bank Foundation. The study concluded that Cincinnati can support a kitchen accelerator, and that there appears to be substantial unmet demand for such a project, as well as significant interest and enthusiasm from entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Further, a kitchen accelerator appears to be badly needed in Cincinnati, and could fill an important void in efforts to develop the local food economy, empower micro-entrepreneurs, and support new jobs. Read about the project here.

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