Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Food Access


By Greg

I want to continue my food access discussion by mentioning that some folks have been working on the issue of developing designs for urban markets that can be community assets and anchors. The Community Design Collaborative's Infill Philadelphia initiative focused on this topic, and exhibited designs back in February. They included a prototype for the new Weaver's Way store in West Oak Lane, a community food co-op in Chester, and a supermarket in Brewerytown.

This project was supported by some of the same folks who are running the Fresh Food Financing Initiative, showing an awareness of the intersection of these issues — food access and community development. However, awareness is not enough. The City needs to take proactive steps to ensure that through incentives, regulations, zoning, design guidelines, and/or public education that the next wave of urban markets look more like the renderings in the Infill Philadelphia document than the stores that have been built on the ground.

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