Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More G-Ho!


On December 19th, I noted an article in the Inquirer touting the G-Ho neighborhood (i.e., Graduate Hospital, Southwest Center City, South of South, etc.), as "the place to buy." Today on page 5 of the Metro (it doesnt' seem to be online) is another article about G-Ho, "Old Becomes New." The article states, "Over the past year, Southwest Center City has been a beacon of steady home sales amid a city hit by the mortgage meltdown..."

G-Ho is a pretty cool neighborhood, but what gives? Why all the press now? Did SOSNA just hire a PR person? This is a neighborhood that has been on the rise for over a decade. Its revitalization has been well documented over the years. See PhillySkyline's G-Ho site, for example.

I want to take this opportunity to repeat my suggestion from December 19th (and I'll continue to repeat it after each additional instance of a Philly newspaper featuring G-Ho). Some major publication should profile a different neighborhood each month. This way, the incredible neighborhoods across the city can all have a chance to get some ink, and the newcomers to Philly can learn about the diversity of neighborhoods that make up this 135 square-mile city.

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